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Dimanche Alpaca

Alpaca Soles

Alpaca Soles

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  • Built for Cold Weather
  • Fits all Shoe Sizes
  • Family owned
  • Made in Canada

Add them to any boots to stay warm in the winter.

  • Made of alpaca felt - warmer than wool and durable!
  • Ajustable size: No hemming. could be cut according to the actual length of your shoes.
  • Breathable -Odor and moisture free : These insoles will last you a long time without collecting moisture or odors.
  • MADE IN CANADA: Made to keep your feet warm even during cold winter days! Perfect for outdoor activities or work or for a great gift.
  • One size fits all, these can be cut to fit any boot perfectly.
  • Natural alpaca, no dyes or chemicals. Please note the color may vary slightly between units as each animal as a distinct colour.
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Product benefits and details

85% Alpaca for warmth & comfort
10% Wool for wicking, memory & dry time
5% Hemp for strength & durability

*Most of our competitors use less than 50% alpaca, and integrate other cheaper materials. However, we alpaca is way warmer, so we stick with a higher alpaca content.

Sizing guide

Our insoles fit any size. In fact, they will likely be too big for your boots/shoes.

The idea is to cut them to fit perfectly into the boots you want to wear them with.

Simply put your boot on top of the insole and draw its outline on the insole. Cut the insoles following the line you made. Voila! Perfect insoles, everytime!

How to care for and wash your alpaca products

Machine wash on a cold cycle. We recommend using a delicate cycle.

Air dry on a flat surface. *Do not put alpaca products in the dryer, as wool is a natural material that can shrink or felt.

100% natural alpaca wool shouldn't be put on a heat source like a radiator or washed in warm/hot water.

Built for Cold Weather

Extremely Warm

From the outdoors enthusiasts, to the girl who is always cold, alpaca insoles keep your feet extremely warm for longer periods of time.

alpaca is soft and hypoallergenic


People allergic to wool will not suffer from these symptoms with alpaca because it does not contain lanolin – it is hypoallergenic. We also ensure we use only the highest quality fiber, to bring you ultimate softness.

Odor free and


Alpaca will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The fiber is extremely breathable, making it the perfect temperature every time. It is also odor-free because it doesn't hold onto moisture. Sweaty feet is a thing of the past!