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Dimanche Alpaca

Alpaca Socks - Short

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Our Dimanche Alpaca short socks are perfect for those who love to wear slippers in the house - but even more confortable. Your feet will be warm and cozy and they will soon be the most worn item in your wardrobe. 

  • Machine Wash and air dry
  • Material; Made of 75% alpaca and 25% polyester, our Dimanche Alpaca Long Socks are super soft, fluffy, and comfortable for everyday activities and even sleeping in the fall and winter. They have a very plush and soft feel to them.
  • Cozy & Soft; Alpaca socks will keep your body warm allowing you to sleep soundly and dream sweetly... or to stay outdoors for longer periods of time.
  • Trendy Design; Warm socks for women with vintage and trendy design that will go with anything you're wearing. Warm up your toes on those chilly winter mornings with these snuggly warm socks.
  • Size; Our Dimanche alpaca socks are available in medium and are suitable for US shoe sizes 5 to 9. The thick socks are elastic and perfectly fit your feet. These socks are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear.
  • Keep Warm; on cold days, warm socks will keep your feet warm. And we hope that when you receive our socks in the cold winter, you will be happy.

Made of over 75% alpaga fiber, these socks keep you warm and are extremely soft to the touch. The natural fibers are perfect for all seasons, as they will let your feet breathe, even in the summer. You will find yourself wearing them year long in the house. The natural fiber, paired with the fact your feet will breathe, also make these socks odor-free for long periods of time. 

We also add polyester to our mix, as this helps them keep their shape, ensuring they won't be too slack and slip off your feet. 

These truly are the socks your feet deserve. They also make a perfect gift for your loved ones ❤

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